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  • Click “pwd”, a box will appear and you need to click “New Password” and then click “Save and Send Email” – You must click “Save and Send Email” or the password won’t be updated.

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  • We recommend you also manually copy and paste the information in to an email and send it manually to ensure the person receives it.

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  • Click on the person’s surname
  • Click on the “my entries” tab and you will see the below screen.
  • Choose the event you want to enter in left column

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  • You will then have three options ways to add entries: as individual, crews or pool registration (if enabled by the event administrator)

Individual Entries

  • Choose the races you want to enter by clicking the checkboxes next to the event name
  • Click “Submit” when complete

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 11.30.14 amI am

Crew Entries

  • For crew entries, select the event from the list on the left
  • In the blank space on the right, type the person you want in the crew.
  • The field is “auto complete” so you will need to include the first few letter of the first name then leave a space and type the surname.
  • Suggestions will then drop down and you can click on the person who you are looking for

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 12.20.59 pm

  • A correctly completed crew will look like it does below.
  • Click “Save Entry”
  • If the person is not displayed, ensure you have the name spelt correctly, if they still don’t appear it is possible they are not financial members and they will need to contact their club.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 11.31.21 am

Pool Registrations

  • Tick the check box adjacent to the events you wish to register for
  • Pool registrations are not available for all events

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Adding a club is fairly straight forward except for two things:

1. Club ID

  • The club ID is the numeric ID that identifies the club in SDNA and regattas.
  • You need to set a number that is unique.
  • To find the last number log in to SDNA and then click on this link (it will download an xml file)
  • Open the xml file
  • scroll to the bottom
  • Find the final <club
  • We are interested in the “id” e.g.
  • Club xml
  • Add 1 to this number e.g. the next id based on the example would be 13761
  • Add this number to the club ID field

2. Club Location Address

  • The regattas site gets the location for each club based on the value “state” of the club’s postal address.
  • This state needs to be in the format of abbreviation e.g. QLD, VIC