Membership System – Development in progress


  • Mandatory fields – in some areas, mandatory field markers are displayed but these fields are not mandatory. Need to remove these markers
  • Addition of different access levels
    • Event Access
    • Discipline Access
  • pop up could be bigger/resizable, e.g. communication filter, members advanced search. Width and height should be bigger
  • Change waiver checkbox to not be checked by default
  • Fix bug that sends old welcome email to some members
  • Remove the need to select a “National Body” i.e. Australian Canoeing from dropdown lists. Go straight to States


  • Display link to a more obvious way to pay via credit card in emailed invoices


  • An improved way to add races and create an event (in development)
  • Recurring event options
  • A way for people to volunteer for specific events
  • Do not display Event Start Time or Event End time if they equal 00:00:00
  • Show the names of those who are entered (even to people who are not logged in)
  • Email members reminder of events they’ve entered 2 days before. Include a copy of invoice if unpaid. it would run as a cron job at say 5pm daily.


  • Family membership (in development)
  • Allow National body, state and club to set welcome email text
  • An easy way to merge duplicates
  • Ability to set whether you charge the transaction fee on top of or inclusive in the price
  • Club add:
    • ABN and Address 2 should not be mandatory


  • A newsletter feature (in development)
  • Improved “Group” managment


  • A way for a state to see all membership fees due in “Fee Report”.
  • Create a Demographics Report


  • Opt-out of email communication
  • Change communications so that emails are bcc’d

Areas for future development (in no particular order)

  • Split at source payment processing
  • Ability to enter a series of events (ie the entire winter series races)
  • Upgrade of membership e.g. from recreational to competitive. The same as second club but if registering for the same club and membership category is more expensive, only charge the difference for the club component and the difference for the state membership
  • Coupon code for membership discounts
  • Description of member type to appear next to fee when registering
  • ability to limit number of people entering. After this limit is reached, the register button is removed and on the event view page there is
  • Addition of “fixed-term” memberships e.g. 3 month. If a person signs up for a 3 month membership their membership runs from the date of approval for the time specified in the membership category unless the membership of the state is sooner (in which case it expires then)
  • Unified login across all domains