Getting started with the Membership system

To get started as an administrator for your club you will need to be added as an administrator in the system by someone else. To do this you will need to contact your state body, who will arrange it for you.

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Once you have access to the system as an administrator, have a look around and familiarise yourself with where key functions are. When you login to the site, you will see the Dashboard. This is essentially the home page of the system, from which you will be able to access all the functions available in the system. On this page you can also see at a glance the latest updates from your messages.

At the top of the page are the Dashboard, Messages, and Events buttons. These are a quick way to access the homepage (dashboard), messaging and events functions of the system. The Dashboard button will get you back to the home page from any part of the website. The Messages button will take you to the messaging functions of the system. The Events button takes you to the page for searching for and creating events for your club.

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In the Messages page you can see all the messages you have received, similar to an email inbox. From here you can read messages, reply to received messages, send messages to members, and

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A list of events, you can also edit races from this screen

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Side Menu

The side menu is the easiest way to get around the system.

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  • Find Person
    • Where you can find either members of your club or members of other clubs.
  • Add Member
    • Where you can add a new person to the database or add an existing person from another club to your club.
  • Members
    • A list of all of your club members.
  • Add administrator
    • If you need to add a club administrator who is not a member you can do so here.

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  • Members Awaiting Approval
    • If your club requires approval for members or if people have not paid for their membership by credit card, they will be in this page until the club approves their membership
  • Members Awaiting Renewal
    • Members from the last membership season who are yet to renew.

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  • Events
    • A list of events, you can also edit races from this screen
  • Create Events
    • If you are creating new races, you can do it here
  • Add Person to Event
    • If you someone has told you they would like to enter an event but haven’t entered online, you can do it for them here.

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  • Club
    • Member Types
      • Where you can set your membership types
    • Edit
      • Where you can set all the information about your club

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  • Newsletters
    • Where you create and send newsletters
  • Newsletter Templates
    • Where you create templates for your newsletters
  • Newsletter Lists
    • Where you create and manage the newsletter lists and who has subscribed to them.
  • Messages
    • If you want to send a message to your club members or specific members, you can do that here
  • Contact Group
    • If you have groups of people who commonly communicate, you can set up and communicate with this group here
  • Support Portal
    • You can use this to report issues or you can email If it is a support request, please contact your state first.

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  • Payment Report
    • A report on fees for membership and events either paid or owing.
  • Membership Report
    • A report of your members information including emergency contacts
  • Volunteers Report
    • A report on the discipline interests of your members
  • Fees Report
    • This report gives you the information about the amount that is owed by your club to the state

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  • You can view and edit your personal information here.

Where to now?

Once you have are comfortable with what each area of the site does, it is time to move on the intermediate level, “how do I complete specific tasks?