How to sign up for Online Payments (through Ezidebit)

Online payment is being accepted through Ezidebit. Ezidebit provides the payment gateway that allows people to put in their credit card details in a secure and encrypted system. People do not have to create an account, just put in their credit card details in a secure, online portal.

Once a credit card transaction is processed the money is automatically added to your club account and the payment is recorded in SDNA, you don’t have to do anything else!

We have developed a process for membership payments to be split at the source of payment. This removes the need to manually pay the state organisation its component of the membership fee. The club will have the option whether or not to allow this (although certain states may mandate it).

Please ensure you read the Financial Services Guide & Product Disclosure Statement:

The application process is managed via an online form which can be sourced through our Ezidebit contact Shaun Wood ( Simply provide your club details and contact information and he will assist you through the process of setting up the account.