How to Add a PDF Download to Posts in WordPress

To add a PDF to a WordPress post, from the left-hand navigation menu in WordPress:

  1. Click Posts>Add New.
  2. Click on the Add Media button above the text box.Add Media
  3. Drag your desired PDF file from your computer and drop it into the WordPress upload screen, or click Upload Files > Select Files.Insert Media
  4. Change the “Title” of the document to what you would like the link to be e.g. 2014 NewsletterNaming a link
  5. click Insert into post.

A link to the PDF file will be included in your post.

Renaming a Link

  1. In the visual editor in WordPress, highlight the text (link).
  2. Change the text to what it needs to say.
  3. Click > Preview to view changes.
  4. Click > Publish when complete.