Can I add a new plugin?

The simple answer is no. Plugins must/will be added by Paddle Australia (PA) after appropriate consultation. If you find a plugin that you feel is really needed for your club you can email with a detailed request.

The things you need to consider for a plugin:

  • Plugins will need to be from a reputable developer
  • Plugins need to have a good rating and reviews
  • Plugins have to be compatible with the latest version of ‘WordPress’
  • Plugins must not require custom CSS to be implemented with themes. If the person who does this at a club leaves and the plugin has to be reset, PA will not be able to fix the look of a plugin.
  • If you are thinking about using a plugin, consider the long-term implications of that use on the site. If the site is unreadable if the plugin is turned off or becomes incompatible? Do you lose content when the plugin is removed? Plugins can come and go or not be updated, it is important that you consider if the plugin is absolutely necessary.
  • Plugins have a performance impact on the whole of the PA Multi-site network and so if a plugin uses a lot of resources we may not be able to activate it.