Club Update – 15/02/2021

We have been advised that Clubs have received an email update from GoMembership advising that your “GoMembership charges invoice for the period ending January 31st 2021 is available to download”.

We understand that this has caused confusion amongst recipients. The referenced invoice is for the fees charged as part of the transactions made through GoMembership to your Club. This information is already available to you as part of your financial reconciliation reports in GoMembership and all fees have already been paid.

We are currently working to identify the reason for the new process of having the information available as a separate report as well as having the email notification turned off so that you do not receive this in the future.

For your reference if you are trying to locate the invoice, you will find it in Club Reports> GoMembership Documents> Club+ Charges Invoice.

We apologise for the confusion this has caused and will keep you informed of updates as they cone to hand.

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