Club Update – 27/11/2020

Further to our update of 5 November, this update serves as a follow-up reminder to please read the information below regarding the Privacy Policy Opt-In process for Clubs.  Thanks go to the Clubs that have already actioned this, however for those that haven’t, it is extremely important that your Club actions this request as soon as possible. Please note that Australian Law requires that organisations like your Club abide by the Privacy Act 1988 and this policy will outline what that means for your Club.

Please also read on for other important information and updates.

This email provides information on:

  • The Paddle Australia Privacy Policy – Club Opt-In
  • Paddle Support Package Rollback Process
  • Update GoMembership with changes to Club committee members or administrators
  • Prorated State Paddle Association / Paddle Australia membership fee for new members
  • Free State Membership when a member joins a second club
  • Non-member Single Event Fees
  • Launch of Paddle Protect – Paddle Craft & Equipment insurance offering for individual members

The Paddle Australia Privacy Policy – Club Opt-In

In Australia, all organisations need to abide by the Privacy Act 1988.   This includes your Club in relation to how you collect, store and use personal information from individuals.  Breaches can result in regulatory action and penalties.

The Paddle Australia Privacy Policy has just been rewritten to cover “affiliated Paddling Clubs that have actively adopted this policy”.  This has been done to save the need for Clubs to write and maintain their own Privacy Policy but, as the words suggest, you will need to proactively adopt the policy to demonstrate that your Club understands and agrees to abide by the policy.

What does this mean for your Club?

Unless your Club has its own up to date and compliant Privacy Policy, it is strongly recommended that you actively adopt the Paddle Australia Privacy Policy.

This will be managed via GoMembership.  An Authorised Club Representative (who will need Club Administrator access in GoMembership) will need to follow the steps on Page 3 of this guide to download the Privacy Policy from the PA website, save and upload it into GoMembership to demonstrate the Club’s adoption of the policy.

If you require any further information or assistance please email us on

Paddle Support Package Rollback Process

Paddle Australia and the six State Paddle Associations’ (SPAs) will continue to offer a 25% discount on their components of Club membership until 31 December 2020 for all new and renewing members. The discount will be automatically applied at checkout for memberships purchased up until midnight on 21 December 2020.

As of the morning on Tuesday 22 December, Paddle Australia will undertake the process of “rolling back” the GoMembership side of the Paddle Support Package by reverting the State Paddle Association prices back to their standard price points and removing reference to the Paddle On Foundation donations.

For each Club we will undertake the following tasks:

  • Update “Display Prices” to be equal to the Club membership price + the standard SPA price
  • Remove any membership descriptions that reference the Paddle Support Package
  • Remove any “Benefit Dot Points” that relate to the Paddle Support Package
  • Update the “On Expiry” renewal emails back to standard text

If you would prefer to undertake the above tasks yourself for your Club, please send a quick email to noting this so that we can remove your Club from the list.

Please note:  If you have altered your Club fee in response to COVID, it will be the Club’s responsibility to make any required changes to this element and ensure that the “Display Price” accurately reflects the Club fee + the standard State Paddle Association fee.

For memberships purchased from 22 – 31 December 2020, a refund for the discount amount will be provided to the members during the week commencing 4 January 2021 when Paddle Australia staff return to the office.

Update GoMembership with changes to committee members or administrators

If you have had any changes to Club committee members or administrators, please ensure you update their profiles in GoMembership to reflect current state – please remove member roles from any outgoing Club reps and add them to incoming Club reps.  Click here to access a guide on how to do this, noting that you need to be a Club Administrator to be able to perform this task.

From a data security perspective, it is extremely important that Club Administrator and Event Administrator access are removed from anyone that should no longer have them.

Prorated State Paddle Association / Paddle Australia membership fee for new members

A reminder that for fixed date memberships (not rolling memberships) there is a hardcoded system rule that, when there is less than 6 months remaining on a membership, applies a 50% discount off the State Paddle Association / Paddle Australia membership fee for new members only.  For Clubs that have fixed date memberships with an end date of 30 June 2021, this will automatically apply at checkout for new members joining your Club from 1 January 2021.

You may like to reference it on the membership tile in one of two ways:

 (a)    If you have a dedicated “New Member” membership you can update the display price on the tile, remembering to change the display price only, not the membership price as this is your club fee component only*

 (b)    If you have standard Senior / Junior memberships set-up you can add a dot point to the benefits section of the membership tile to let new members know that the discount of $X [ie 50% of your State’s fee] will be applied at checkout

*   It is important to note that your club has discretion over whether you wish to prorate your Club Fee or not.  If you do want to offer a discount, you will need to set up a date-based discount rule on each of your memberships.  Refer to the Club Set-Up Guide under the Restrictions, Discounts & Surcharges section or contact us on or 02 9763 0670 for assistance.

Free State Membership When a Member Joins a Second Club

A reminder that there is a hardcoded system rule that automatically removes the charging of the State / Paddle Australia fee at checkout for any member that is joining a second club.

You may like to reference it in one of two ways:

(a)    You can create a “Second Club” membership with a display price that is equal to your Club membership amount.  Add a benefit dot point stating that Members joining as a Second Club member will not be charged the Paddle [State name] and Paddle Australia membership fee

(b)    Using your standard Senior / Junior memberships, you can add a dot point to the benefits section of the membership tile to let new members know that the State Fee will be removed at checkout for any member that has existing membership at another Club

Nationally Consistent Non-Member Single Event Fees

With the blackout of running of events due to COVID-19, it is timely to provide all Clubs with a reminder that, effective as of 27 January 2020, there was a move to a nationally consistent fees for non-members who participate in an event organised by Paddle Australia, a State Paddle Association or an Affiliated Club.

To refresh your memory on the details of the Nationally Consistent Non-Member Single Event Fee please click here to read the notification that was circulated back in January.

As way of a high-level summary, all State Paddle Associations have agreed on a set of nationally consistent Non-Member Single Event fees to be applied across relevant event categories for both Seniors and Juniors, and these will replace the existing fees that currently apply in your State.

It is important to remember that Non-Member Event Fees are not a new thing and that there has always been the expectation that a non-member needs to pay a fee to be covered by insurance when participating in an event.  It has been the responsibility of the State Paddle Associations to set this fee and manage its collection, so this simply represents a nationally consistent approach to an existing fee.

It is important to note that these Non-Member Single Event fees apply to all applicable events whether they are registered via GoMembership, via another online event registration system or in-person on the day.

It is also important to note that a non-member will only be insured while participating in an event if they have paid the Non-Member Single Event Fee and the funds have been received by your State Paddle Association. [See 1a & 1b]

The fees are outlined in the document referenced earlier (click here).

1a.     How these fees are handled in GoMembership

These fees automatically apply to the relevant event tickets in GoMembership as we have developed hardcoded system rules in the background based on category and sub-category.  There is no need for an administrator setting up an event to do anything as the fees will automatically be added when a non-member purchases a ticket.

Please click here to see the screenshots of the purchase journey of a non-member who is purchasing a ticket that has a Non-Member Single Event Fee payable.   All non-members will be given the option to take out membership to avoid this and subsequent applications of the Single Event Fee or to ‘Continue to Cart’ to pay the Non-Member Single Event Fee.

The Paddle Queensland member event sanctioning fee will also be catered for in the same way.

NOTE: Paddle Australia and the State Paddle Associations have determined the split of these fees. The fees paid by a Senior will be split 50:50 so there will be a cart item for a Paddle Australia Non-Member Single Event Fee and a cart item for the State Paddle Association Non-Member Single Event Fee.  For Juniors there is only a State Paddle Association Non-Member Single Event Fee as all funds remain in the State to be channelled back into development.

1b.     How these fees are handled outside of GoMembership

The Non-Member Single Event Fees apply to all applicable events irrespective of how / where the event registration takes place.  It is the responsibility of the Club to collect the fees and forward them to their State Paddle Association.

Your State Paddle Association will define and communicate the process you need to follow in relation to this and will work with clubs in their state to embed this process.  They will also be responsible for on forwarding the relevant funds to Paddle Australia.

A reminder that a person who is participating in an event organised by a Club (where the event is in a category where a Non-Member Single Event Fee applies) will only be insured if this fee is paid and received by the State Paddle Association prior to or immediately after the event (with ‘immediately’ being the timeframe set by the State Paddle Association for fees collected outside of GoMembership to be forwarded to them).

1c.        How these fees fit with the 4-week Triallist Membership

The 4-week Triallist Membership continues to have a $0 fee while providing insurance to the Triallist Member while participating in club activities and events across these 4 weeks.  This is a Membership not an Event and therefore sits outside of the Non-Member Single Event Fees.

For anyone with an active Triallist Membership, the $10 Senior / $5 Junior Non-Member Single Event Fee for a ‘Come & Try’ event fee will not apply.  This will be catered for in GoMembership as there is a hardcoded rule that is in place to bypass the application of the fee for active Triallist members.

Launch of Paddle Protect – Paddle Craft & Equipment insurance offering for individual members

You hopefully read in last weeks’ edition of Paddle Pulse newsletter that Paddle Australia and our six State Paddle Associations are excited to launch a fantastic new insurance offering for our members, called Protect – Paddle Craft & Equipment Insurance for Individuals.

We ask that you help spread the word about this great new membership benefit to your members please!

To date, this offering has only been available for Paddle Australia, the State Paddle Associations and Affiliated Clubs, so the extension of this comprehensive policy with a highly competitive pricing structure provides a great opportunity for members.

Whether you are an elite paddler or a leisurely weekend paddler, our Paddle Protect Paddle Craft & Equipment Insurance policy will protect your craft against accidental damage and/or theft (including equipment and accessories). This will help you protect your financial investment so you can stay on the water enjoying the sport that you love!

There is a flat rate pricing structure when the total sum insured (i.e. the combined value of the craft and any equipment being insured) is $5,000 or less, with personalised quotes provided if the total sum insured is over $5,000. The full year price (1 July – 30 June) is $110 however for a policy purchased in November/December, the premium is $77.

Personalised quotes will be provided for your consideration when the total sum insured is over $5,000.

Click here to apply for a policy or quote or for more information about Paddle Protect for Individuals.

Thank you for taking the time to read the above information.  Please contact us on 02 9763 0670 or if you need any further information or assistance.

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