7 Useful SDNA features you didn’t know existed

With the rapid development of SNDA there are some useful features added to the system that you might not know exist. In this newsletter we look at seven important functions and how to use them.

1.  Description of member types

Sometimes despite our best efforts, members can get confused as to what member type is suitable for them. SDNA has made this easier by applying logic to the member types and only displaying member types appropriate for their age but now you can add a description of a member type that will pop up when a member selects it in the renewal/registration screen.

You can add descriptions to the member types by going to “Maintenance” > “Club” > “Member Types” > click “Edit” next to the appropriate member type. In “Club Member Type Description” enter the description for the member type > click “Update”

2. Newsletters

Want to keep your club up to date with the latest news and events? You can create and send newsletters to your membership or target them specifically who expressed an interest in volunteering or in a certain paddlesport. You first need to create the template, this can be a little confusing if you haven’t used html before so we have created a template generator that you can use along with how to add the template here.

Newsletters are sent and edited from the “Communications” > “Newsletter” in the left hand menu.

More information and detailed help

3. Custom event entry form using drag and drop.

The event system for SDNA has been greatly improved and now allows you to create custom entry forms that can cater to every type of event. You can play around with this by going to “Event” > “Events” > “Races” (next to the relevant event).

Do you need to collect the a coaches name, t-shirt sizes, dinner ticket orders? Then the form builder can help.

More information and detailed help

4. Custom registration form

Does your club need to collect a lot of information when members renew or register for the first time? You may have club t-shirts you want to sell or want to collect information on previous paddling experience, you can do that!

More information and detailed help

5. Event administrator access

If your club runs a lot of events and you want to give the people who run those events access to view, add and edit event information but don’t want them to be able to edit membership details, this access may be worth a look. You can add a person as an event administrator via “Indivdual” > “Add Members” (if they are already in the SDNA system and “Indivdual” > “Add Administrator” (if they are not in SDNA already)

6. Automated “second club” fee calculations

If you have a paddler looking to join your club who is a member of another club, previously you may have had a “Second Club” membership type that did not include a state fee. Now you no longer need this membership type. The system knows if a member has paid their state fee to another club and will remove it from the application to join the new club. This means all your members can choose the member type appropriate to their needs e.g. “Senior Recreation with own boat” (If you prefer to keep the second club membership type you are welcome to do so.

7. Choose which payments you accept (including the types of offline payment)

Does your club only want to accept Credit Card payments to free up admin time in reconciling member and event payments? Do you not accept cash but do accept EFT? Your club can customise which payments you allow your members to choose.

More information and detailed help