SDNA Bugs/Issues as of 21 July 2015

These are the main issues that have been raised but it is not a complete list of every issue:

1. Automated emails being sent to admins

Automated member notification emails have been sent to system admins that do not necessarily reflect member status of members in the SDNA system. This is to do with the expiry date being set for administrators.

Status: Being investigated and fixed.

2. Family membership renewal

There is an issue that means family membership (if set up using the family membership setting in SDNA) is only being accessible to new members not renewing members.

Status: An initial fix will be released on 21/7/15 and will be refined after that.

3. “Confirm” button missing in Members Awaiting Renewal

This has been removed to prevent members being accidentally added with wrong member types. You can renew a person here by clicking “edit” next to the relevant person and following the prompts.

Status: This will be improve to give dropdown options of membership type in Members Awaiting Renewal (to make things quicker)

4. Difficulties in registering

Some people have reported difficulties in renewing/registering. The majority of these issues have been attributed to using an older version of the browser Internet Explorer (7 and 8).

Status: These browsers are no longer supported by Microsoft and so we recommend that people upgrade to Firefox of Chrome browsers (or a later version of Internet Explorer). We will be fixing the bugs that causes this problem but the initial recommendation still stands.

If there has been a different registration problem please let us know.

5. The communication/newsletter editor does not give enough styling options

Status: An editor with more styling options will be added

6. Unable to change a member’s category

If a member has renewed with a different membership type than they should have.

Status: You will need to add the new membership type via “Add Member” and then delete the incorrect membership type for the person. The member is able to “Upgrade” their membership if they log in. We will be providing an “Upgrade” option for system admins.