Australian Canoeing Award scheme updates March 15

Past updates can be found on the Education website

NEW Education website: Reminder

Australian Canoeing has recently introduced an improved education website. This site has many new features that we hope you will find useful andtimesaving. Features include:

  • Add your courses toan education calendar
  • Allow the public toview and register for your courses
  • Update assessmentstatus of participants
  • Upload assessmentforms for quick registration via Australian Canoeing (no more need to mailforms!)
  • Easy access toparticipant contact details
  • A logic system thatmeans that only correctly registered assessors can be added as the assessor ofcourses

There is a video walkthrough of the new system here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZz1IJmZU_0

If you would like to be added to the new system please contact sam.lyons@canoe.org.au. Each person hasan individual login access and so you will need to send all the names you wouldlike to grant access to.

Once you have seen the walkthrough and had a play with the system, ifyou have any questions you can contact Sam at sam.lyons@canoe.org.au

New Assessor Assessment record: A new Assessor assessment record has been developed and isnow on the AC website http://canoe.org.au/education-safety/australian-canoeing-award-scheme-acas/ NTPs are to use this record when submitting applications forpeople to become AC Assessors.

New ACAS awards:

After consultation with a large group of people AustralianCanoeing has decided to develop a number of new awards. Hope to have these outin the next 4 – 6 weeks. As a heads up the new awards will be.

– EnclosedSea Guide

– EnclosedSea Instructor

– Flatwaterskills Stand up Paddle board

-Flatwater Instructor, Stand up Paddle board

NTP education website:

Just a reminder again that all NTP resources andinformation on ACAS can be found at http://education.canoe.org.au/admin you will need to have the correct access to visit thissite. Please let me know if you are unable to sign in.

At this site you will find

-Assessment records

– Learnerresources

– Trainingresources

-Assessment projects

– Registrationfee details

– Safety Guidelines

– Minimalimpact

– And more

Public Education page: Public can access a lot of information from the AustralianCanoeing website. This is a good place to direct people if they are looking formore information.


NTP contracts

New contracts will be sent outin April. Please keep an eye out for these. If any contact details have changedfor your NTP please let me know ASAP.

Any questions please let meknow

Mark Thurgood