Early Days

We are now up and running on the new membership system.

There have been some teething issues and I am in the process of working with the developers to deal with these as quickly as possible.

The main issues that have been identified are:

1. An admin not being able to add a member who is already in the database (as a member of another club or with a different membership type from the same club) as a member of the club. This is clearly an important tool for membership admins and has been given a high priority for a fix. We hope to have this completed by the end of the week.

2. The events system does not provide enough options. The events system currently only has a fairly basic options for adding extra options to events. Currently it is not as flexible as the previous system. Whilst we will be upgrading this in the coming weeks there has been a change to the way that events are created. You now have the option to attribute “races” to an event. This can be done through “event” > “races”. The races that will be displayed are the national standard categories for the discipline that you have assigned to the race. Once selected, fees for each race can be modified or left at 0 if you are charging a flat entry fee.

3. Member errors. Despite efforts to remove them, some duplicates have made their way across to the new system. I will be removing these over the next week. There have also been some members who are missing from your club list, ironically, this is due to unforeseen issues with the import process being too efficient at removing duplicates. It has been removing a record for a member who is a member of two clubs. Again over the next couple of weeks I will be rectifying this issue but as you can understand there is a lot of work involved in this.

We do apologise for these errors, we understand that the vast majority of you are only volunteers and you need your systems to work as you only have limited time to update the system. The membership system is going to be continued to be refined and developed over the next few months and the bugs will be ironed out and extra functionality will be added

The advantage of having a system developed for a specific sport is that we can specify exactly what we need. The downside is that a lot of the functionality is new and despite me testing it in considerable detail, as it has not been used by another organisation, there are going to be bugs.

Another aspect to remember is that the membership system is not a “like for like” replacement. The old system did a lot of things, some well others poorly. The large amount of options it offered prevented many from using the system due to its complexity. The new system is much more targeted in its functionality and this may require you to put different processes in place to deal with the change.