Start up guide

You will be receiving your login to the membership database tomorrow. You will receive an email with login details, if not please check your spam folder.

What do I need to do to get my club up and running on the new system?

Step 1 – Set up club information

Click on “Maintenance” > “Club” > “Edit”

1. Set whether you require applicants to be approved by the club prior to being accepted (e.g. if they have to undertake an induction). By default this is set to “no”, if you change it to “yes” people will be able to proceed through the checkout process but will be marked as “pending approval” and the club administrator will need to manually approve their membership.

2. Set whether online registration is available. By default this is set to yes. If you change this to no, people will not be able to register online for your club. This will require the administrator to manually input member details, which is a fairly time consuming task.

3. The field that says “Credit Card Payment Available?” is set to no by default. Once the club agreements with ezidebit have been signed and returned, this will be changed to yes.

4. “Information Text Field” is the details you want on the club invoice, this will be your club EFT details plus any instructions you would like to give your members e.g. “Please quote the reference number in your transfer”

5. “Invoice Number” is the starting invoice number you would like to use for the club. (if your club has a set format). This can be left blank if you just want to use the default.

6. “Registered for GST?” If your club is registered, change this to yes. By default it is no.

7. “Extra Membership Features” allows you to add extra items to the membership checkout. This may be boat rack fees, equipment usage or anything else that is additional to the membership fee. Prior to clicking “ADD EXTRA MEMBERSHIP FEATURE” make sure you have saved the page (as the link takes you to a different page). You can then add the extra items and assign a fee. When members join or renew that will be asked to select from the extras list and select a quantity for each item.

Step 2 – Set up club membership types

1. Click on “Maintenance” > “Club” > “Member Types”

2. Review the membership types for your club. Ensure they are correct especially the “Club Fee” column. The is the total amount a member will be charged, inclusive of state fees.

3. If any member types are incorrect, click on the “edit” button beside them.

4. if you need to add a membership type, you can click on the “NEW CLUB MEMBER TYPE” in the black box. You will add the state member type that equates to your membership type (if you are unsure about this contact your state association). You can add the member type name and the fee for the member type and click “submit”.

Step 3 – Have a play around and see how things work

The best way to learn the new system is to play around and try adding test events etc. Don’t worry if the system seems a little strange at first, that is normal for a new system and everyone will be starting off from the same point. It is ok to make mistakes, we can rectify things, we can also work with you if you are stuck but please do have a try first.

There are some help videos here. Due to the rapid development schedule we have had to hold off on more videos until the system has been finalised but we will add more videos this week.

Step 4 – Loading of member details

Once you have logged in and updated your club details and preferences, we will be able to upload your members data. As soon as the member data is uploaded, the member will receive an email with login details or a reminder to renew if they were a member last year but have not updated for this year yet. The club administrators will also receive a notification email of the upload.

In order to provide all clubs with the time needed to log in and update their details, the member information will not be loaded in to the new system until Monday 20th. If you have updated the system with the relevant club information and you want to add your club members to the system this week, email me and we can upload your club members prior to Monday. To emphasise, when the members are uploaded, they will be emailed and will start to try to log in and renew and so you need to be ready for this.

Step 5 – If you find an issue

As with any new system, there will be bugs and areas to improve. If you find an issue with the system please email and include a description of the issue as well as the URL for the page and a screenshot if possible. This will help me to quickly identify the issue.

We have a long list of feature requests from clubs (70 and counting) and we will endeavour to get round to implementing them all but some request contradict other requests and so we have to find a middle ground in what we provide. I apologise in advance that we will not be able to provide the “perfect” solution for every club, but we will aim for a system that does enough to make it usable by all. We have extra development planned and will be brining in more advanced features in December.

Priority will be given to fixing bugs (things that should work but don’t).