Member transfer in progress

I have spent a fun weekend exporting the members details from the old member system. There were over 100,000 member records in our database.

I have converted the details in to the format for the new membership system and have given this information to the developers. They will be uploading the information to the new system and aim to have this complete tomorrow.

Once the member transfer is complete, I can assign admin access to the system. There are over 300 membership administrators and these permissions need to be assigned manually to ensure accuracy.

What is the final completion date?

The developers have hit a few hurdles in the last few days and  final production has been impacted slightly. The fees report & membership report section should be completed by Tuesday and the Event Registration section should be available by Wednesday.

How will I know when I can log in? What do I do in the mean time?

You will be contacted once you are able to log in to the new system. In the mean time you can continue to use the old system for events (although any changes to members will not be transferred to the new system). You can access the old system at (where xxx is the name of your site e.g. ascot)