Test Login for Membership

Hi All,

We have taken the opportunity of the delayed rollout of the membership rollout to make some extra additions to the membership system. It is probably best to wait until next week to give you access to the live site as we don’t want to risk any changes you make being overwritten by updates to the system.

I have created a test login for the development site for you to log in and be able to have a play around with the system (as a club level administrator). If you would like access please drop me an email.

You can add people (just for privacy reasons, make up fake details), edit and delete things but just remember that changes you make here won’t be carried across to the new site.

The development schedule in the lead up to release are:

  • Finalising work on membership and renewals
  • Finalising work on ability to add membership extras
  • Inclusion of financial and membership reports
  • Update of the events section to include event extras, closing date, fixed event entry fee.

If these areas are not fully functioning in the test site when you log in, don’t worry, we are working on it. And just to emphasise, it is a test environment and so there may also be some minor bugs/unpolished edges.

There are some preliminary help videos available here. There will be more of these videos available once the first stage of development is complete.

We have a significant list of extra additions and changes to be made to the site from my trip around the country that have not made it in to the first version of the site. We will continue to work on these and improve the system incrementally over the coming weeks and months. On my trip I received over 150 great suggestions/requests that were do-able (and a few that weren’t) and it has just not been possible to get round to all of them prior to the initial launch.

To confirm, we will be introducing pro-rata membership (for those states that want it) and family membership options in December.