Switch-over approaches

Hi Everyone,

I have just finished my trips around the country, working with states and clubs on the new membership and website system. Thanks to everyone who attended the sessions. I met around 100 people on my trip and for those that attended the sessions, I hope I helped you more than I confused you!

So what’s the plan for transition?

The switchover to the new website system will be occurring on Monday. There has been a slight change to the rollout schedule. Due to delays in getting the payment agreements sent out to the State Organisations, payment agreement information is yet to be sent out to the clubs. Without these payment agreements in place, the membership system will be unable to accept online payments, limiting options on the membership system.

The developers have also been working extremely hard to update the system with the mandatory requirements that have been raised by clubs on my tour.

We have therefore decided that discretion is the better part of valour and so we should proceed with a staged rollout. The website on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (final transition for this has already begun) and then the membership system from the 13th October.

Ugh, another delay…

Yes, and I feel your pain. Despite my desire to keep to the set timelines, I know that doing this would not be in the best interests of club, state or national levels.

Is there a bright side?

Yes! The change in plans will hopefully allow me to give better support in the transition phase as I will only have to deal with one system at a time. It will also allow administrators to get comfortable with the website prior to learning another system.

So what do I do now?

If you have been holding off on adding members, you may add them to the old system up until the 11th October.

You will also be able to log in to the new membership system and get a couple of weeks to have a play around. Please email me (if you have not done so already) and let me know if you would like access (and your club information). For those from Victoria, you will need to email Roz from Canoeing Victoria in order to get access.

Calendar, events and membership will continue to run from the old system during this time, the calendar from the old system have been embedded in to your new website so that your members will continue to be able to see all events.

How do I access the membership system and old website?

In order to administer the calendar, events and membership you will need to log in through http://xxx.canoe.bvit.com.au/ (change the xxx to your club domain name e.g. http://ascot.canoe.bvit.com.au/). To access MyClub it will be  http://xxx.canoe.bvit.com.au/myclub and to access the admin section of the old website will be  http://xxx.canoe.bvit.com.au/myclub.

When will the old system be shut down?

Everyone will be able to access the old system up until the 31st October 2014. After we switch to the new membership system, no new membership information may be placed in to the old system and the only reason to use the old system should be if you have online entries for an event (all this information must be downloaded prior to the 31st October).

Your writing is confusing and/or boring, give me a summary!

  • 28-30th September: Website transition
  • 1st October onwards: Membership access
  • 11th October: No more updates to current membership system
  • 13th October: New membership system in action.
  • I’m sorry.

From NSW?
PaddleNSW will be transitioning at a later date to the membership system. If you have a website with Australian Canoeing, that website will be transitioned.

If you need access to a website, drop me an email.